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Posted by Sadie from ? ( on Wednesday, February 05, 2003 at 5:06PM :

Everything Powell claims needs to be backed up with *sufficient* proof, & collection & analysis of this *sufficient* proof must be done by a disinterested 3rd party if the U.N. is to fairly judge Powells claims to be true or false. & this takes time. How come the U.N. inspection teams have not stumbled across the things he says are there? They've been randomly showing up, unannounced, at various sites the U.S. gov't *claims* to be sites of weapons storage & manufacture. How can we, the public, be sure that those tapes that Powell played are current & are NOT fabricated? Or that the parts that he chose to play from those tapes were not taken out of context, if they were not fabricated & were current?

I have a friend who pointed out to me that if the U.S. does bomb Iraq, Saddam will just excape it like Osama escaped it. Who really suffers are the people of Iraq. In FACT, my friend went further to make the claim that whenever Bush & his cohorts say "Saddam", they REALLY mean "the Iraqi people". E.G. "Saddam is evil" should be translated as "The Iraqi people are evil" because as we all know, Saddam could be "taken out" by the U.S., could have been "taken out" by the U.S. gov't without the mass slaughter that the Gulf War, Desert Fox, & the sanctions have caused.

The U.S. gov't may be through with Saddam's regime, BUT, this "war" (really a one-sided attack & continuation of genocide) is a *guarantee* that the Iraqi people will be weakened enough to accept yet another cruel U.S. gov't-backed leadership. & it also guarantees the perpetuation of more U.S. gov't influence in the lives of Iraqis, perhaps putting those lives again at stake, just like an unpredictable hijacker terrorizes his victims. That's what the U.S. gov't is doing now, & it will continue with more U.S. involvement in the region if it is not stopped NOW.

-- Sadie
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