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Posted by Alexander from ( on Sunday, March 09, 2003 at 3:04AM :

In Reply to: back from a glorious hike posted by Sadie from ? ( on Sunday, March 09, 2003 at 1:34AM :

Haven't heard from your posts in a while. I have an SAR 1. It's not a hunting rifle. It's actually a light rifle. Very good, though, from Rumania. Accurate shots for a light rifle.
Do you mean that you might live in the woods? Or that that's what they are doing?
Hmm...Interesting. I don't blame them for heading off into the woods. I can tell you a bit more about Castro.
He is a man who works hard for his people, and has done so for more than 45 years, providing them with all they need in the face of a harsh economic embargo. No medicine gets in. My family from Cuba was amazed to see aspirin and bandaids when they were in Florida. The truth is, that although the sanctions have been in place my many decades, the country is doing very well. No doubt, it is in need of supplies, but other than that, the people live comfortably in homes and commute well. Thanks to Fidel's methods for dealing with situations, what might have turned into a disaster years earlier, is now a country of relative comfort, all thanks to a caring leader. Did you know during the JFK administration that the US was planning to poison the civilians of a town or city in the US to blame it on Cuba so they could invade? They opted for the Bay of Pigs however. Once the anti-Fidel Cubans launched their attack and needed US assistance, the US turned a deaf ear on them.
As to why Cuban-Americans hate Castro, it is because they are raised to believe he is evil, although many have never been to Cuba. They just carry on this hatred. They want capitalism and don't care about Cuba. Otherwise, they would not be willing to leave their families back home just so they could live in materialism.
I remember hearing that at one time big businesses would tell farmes in Cuba to sign an "X" on a piece of paper. They would do it thinking it was something good. Then they lost their farmlands. Many people in Cuba lost their land this way. Cuba was a brothel of corruption and waste. Castro wanted Cuba to be free of this savage way of life, and so came the revolution. And so on....he's been supporting his people ever since, and they support him, including my family who still lives in Cuba and my family here as well.(My family that is here did not leave Cuba because of Fidel Castro. They left prior to the revolution, had nothing to do with politics.) It is not like the US media says, that Castro is oppressive and the people don't want him. That is a lie. They also said he was producing biological weapons. What nonsense! What does this sound familiar too?:)
Have a good day.

-- Alexander
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