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Posted by Sadie from ? ( on Sunday, March 09, 2003 at 12:33PM :

In Reply to: Interesting posted by Alexander from ( on Sunday, March 09, 2003 at 3:04AM :

: Hey
: Haven't heard from your posts in a while.

xxx Yeah, I had this test to study for. Now that it's over, I can enjoy life again. It's just a course for a grant requirement & not really for "credit," but I don't want to look like a dumbass in front of my professors... esp. since they collaborate a lot with my mentor/PI.

: I have an SAR 1. It's not a hunting rifle. It's actually a light rifle. Very good, though, from Rumania. Accurate shots for a light rifle.

xxx Why do you have a rifle if you don't hunt? Protection?

: Do you mean that you might live in the woods? Or that that's what they are doing?

xxx Yes, I want to live in the woods eventually (sooner rather than later). I'm neither a city girl nor a country girl. I'm a mountain woman. There are a lot of people around here who are just so brilliant & so incredibly cultured & genuinely beautiful who end up living in the woods to sort of escape the abrasive corporate media dominated culture that's almost everywhere in the States. My parents were & still are like that - a country house we'd go to every weekend while I was growing up to escape TV (but occassionally watching a good film at night) & everything else just to sit by a wood burning stove, drink cider, play our musical instruments, hike, & live a "simple" existence, with plenty of solitude & silence to make us really appreciate each other's company. Anyway, I want to end up like my parents & those other people around here who are like that. The mountains around here are so incredible, too... Yesterday, my friend & I were at a waterfall, & the water was just thundering down the cliff's edge, rapids forming up & down stream... the water was an AMAZING color - so vivid, aqua, & just... just... GORGEOUS... & then the cliff tops we stopped at were breath-taking - just looking down into the gulf... My friend said it was like the Grand Canyon with a thick forest in it... My friend's cool, too - he's saying that Bush et al.'s political agenda is enough to make him want to grab a rifle & head off into the woods to escape, living off fish, deer, & whatever he can grow.... We're both really sick of the corporate world, & there's enough of a mountain community around here to still enjoy a social life.... & being in the woods is like being in a temple, for me. It's the most sacred, magical experience I can imagine.

xxx That's really awesome - what you say about Castro! You're right that it sounds similar to what's happened in Iraq... is your family's Cuban background what opened your eyes to what is really going on politically?

-- Sadie
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