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Re: Show me what you got !

Posted by Ir@qi on September 02, 2001 at 17:22:45:

In Reply to: Re: Show me what you got ! posted by parhad on September 02, 2001 at 14:59:23:

I am glad cool heads prevailed, and the issue seem to have been resolved.
I am happy for you parhad, and for all the Assyrian brothers and sisters who can see, and enjoy your beautiful art, and fell proud about our people glorious past.
But we should not forget the present.
We have to remember that there are Assyrian not only in the North Iraqi villages, but also in Ninavah, and Baghdad who are suffering from the criminal sanctions and bombing for the last 11 years, that this have led to their death, immigrating out, poverty, disease, no good education, destruction of the historical Artifacts, ....and on and on of obvious, and not very obvious effects (child psychology problems, pressure on the family unit, marginalization of art, immorality, depression.....) and many other effects of the sanctions which are meant to destroy the Iraqi Human being, including the Assyrians.
This tragedy, this emergency, this most important event in Assyrian modern history need to be addressed, and Assyrians need to be educated about, and as much time need to be spent on it in the convention, as that spent on the Fashion Show, and all the dance parties.
Again I have to admit that this year they seem to pay some attention to this as compared to previous years, but I think more need to be done, such as inviting a guest who have witnessed these crimes, like former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark, or Former UN humanitarian coordinator for Iraq Denis Halliday.......etc
Here is "End the Sanctions War on Iraq -- Speakers Resource List" can be found on this address :
You can find a speaker to bring to your next convention.
Do not wait for the none Iraqis to help Iraq, you are already 11 years late.
Do not keep asking Iraq we want this and we want that. Iraq has given you more than anyone has.
Show me what have you done for the Land of the 2 Rivers lately !

: Since my first convention in 1978 I have not shown at the art shows. Always off by myself near the banquet room. I am at the far end of the hotel, on the first floor, and have been since Friday. Will be there all day today, Sunday...look forward to seeing you all.

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