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Original Ross Nazi Article

Posted by Jeff on September 19, 2001 at 21:09:05:


src="..\history\alpha-se.gif" align=right v:shapes="_x0000_s1029">style='mso-bookmark:syrian'>(Syriac) and
their alphabet (Syriac) have undergone considerable changes since that period.
If what they mean to claim is that they originally invented the alphabet
as such, then they go too far, since the Aramaic alphabet itself is a version
of the older alphabet used originally by Hebrews, Phoenicians, and others. :

other self-flattering Assyrian stories from my students is one that the Persian
Empire was conquered, not by the Persians, but by Assyrians hired by
href="..\greek.htm#text-3">style='mso-bookmark:assyrian'>Cyrus the Greatstyle='mso-bookmark:syrian'>style='mso-bookmark:syrian'>. Why Iranian
peoples who were largely responsible for the destruction of Assyria itself, to
an extent that an Assyrian state really never existed again, would then need
the help of their crushed former enemies to extend their own conquests,
assimilating them into the new tactics and equipment used by the Persian army,
is unclear. Some of the documentary evidence cited for this is the list given
by Herodotus of the ethnic units conscripted into the Persian army, which
included people identified by Herodotus as, alternatively, "Syrians"
or "Assyrians." As above, this confusion of people from northern Iraq
with those of the Levant can be seized upon to mean that the people were all
true ethnic Assyrians. The actual text gives no hint of how many ethnic
Assyrians would be involved. They have really disappeared into the growing sea
of Aramaic speakers. Furthermore, the ethnic units in the Persia army were not
the core of the army. Conscipted subject peoples could never be entirely
trusted. The core of the army would have to be Iranian, like the 10,000
"Immortals" -- called that because casualties were immediately replaced,
an uncommon practice even in modern armies. :

to be the actual people who founded the first civilization, invented writing
and then the alphabet, and then were the secret power behind later empires may
well enhance the "self-esteem" of the people who make them, but they
are tragic and disgraceful when they replace with fiction the real history that
is unique and significant enough. The translation of Greek philosophy into
href="..\hist-1.htm#islam">style='mso-bookmark:assyrian'>Arabicstyle='mso-bookmark:syrian'>, when it came,
was often based on the precedent of translations into Syriac that were
made first in Late Antiquity. Christian missionaries who turned up the court of
style='mso-bookmark:assyrian'>T'ang Dynastystyle='mso-bookmark:syrian'>style='mso-bookmark:syrian'> China in 635
were Nestorians all the way from I

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