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Posted by Julia from ( on Friday, February 22, 2002 at 5:37AM :

In Reply to: Re: Her response posted by pancho from ? ( on Friday, February 22, 2002 at 4:27AM :

silly fred,
I told you to fuck off because you strike at me emotionally and not intellectually. and you still do. You confuse argument for attacks on personality. You make fun of people and you mire any ideas you do have with your attacks on nouns and pronouns. You glorify yourself with some kind of exaltant goal of calling people to a truth; you 'ruffle feathers' and you 'raise consciousness' but you have deflated most of what you say by the simple fact that you enjoy making fun of people and you enjoy exchangign insults and not arguments. You call for some kind of unity but you are pronouncing division and hatred. You seek the movement of millions but you are coloring members of those millions with hateful words. Indeed you are the same as your Christian, Muslim, Jewish and ____________ ; you say you love this group of people but damn, you hate on lot of other people. And you make a daily duty to show this to whoever has eyes to see these boards.

the fun part is that you distance yourself from all of it, 'oh, i don't care about how people feel about me or how I think of them, all i care about is the children.' How stupid is that argument when you need to recruit support from the people you don't even care about? Your job should NOT be to ruffle feathers because people are not ducks, people are HUMANS and deserve RESPECT. We are not animals goaded by loaded language, we like appeals to reason and principle.

Explain to me that one mr. Fred Parhad. Explain to me how your daily lashing out and refusal to dialogue with people and insulting them at the same time is going to help you save the children. You are not increasing their nutritional intake, you are not shaping their cultural awareness and you antagonize and demean the very people that can help you for your goals. You do very little for them.

I am not saying that people have to hold hands and wear flowers around their neck. What i am saying is where is basic human respect in fred. IF you have been assaulted by many people, and many people hated you, then admit it hurt you and say that you won't respond in kind; so as long as we respond in kind with hateful words, we are goign to get nowhere.

You know very well that it's Bet Basso and Nimrod and Dadesho and me and Alli and other people, assyrian or half, or not, who are going to foment this revolution. so as long as you immunize yourself from feeling (i don't care about how this person feels, or how theyfeel if i say this about their sister) then , effectively, be ready for a revolution that is lead by you *tout seule*

Your only tool right now to save these children and to help them is your language. And as long as you use it to divide and hurt and insult people, effectively severing the intracommunity bonds we need, then you are serving them less than optimally; you are serving your immediate interests and you are losing sight of what truly needs our attention the most.

-- Julia
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