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Posted by pancho from ( on Thursday, January 16, 2003 at 5:59PM :

In Reply to: ahem posted by Sadie from ? ( on Thursday, January 16, 2003 at 5:09PM :

: xxx Oh, OK - what was ancient Greece like, then?

+++It was like ancient Greece.

Or ancient Rome

+++It was remarkably like ancient Rome.

? Or ancient China?

+++Well, the really odd thing is that ancient China was a lot like ancient China. I'm confused.

Or even you could contemplate the way women are treated in India today?

+++Okay...let's contemplate that.

etc., etc. Those were/are NOT Christian societies - BUT they were/are patriarchal.

++++When THEIR priests get caught fucking children we'll discuss them. As far as I know, none of them claimed to have the exclusive ear of god...or spoke for him, or got tax breaks! It doesn't matter the religion...what DOES matter is the tradition and the institutions and the longevity of that religion. China and India are countries...not religions...Greece and Rome were also countries and they no longer exist.

+++Christianity is a religion...and the Catholic Church is the oldest continuous Christian corporation in the WORLD. It hardly compares to political regimes...if you want to discuss their religions...take another course.

Even the US is supposedly a "secular" state & yet the women here are still abused. The abuse of children goes follows the abuse of women... first the abuse of female children, & then the abuse of male children (though that is less frequent).

+++Secular states have nothing in common with the Catholic you're hopping around like Andreas. Who was discussing countries anyway? Keep the discusssion focused...let your Finns guide you...the Chaldean part just tangles you up...that's what you half-breeds get...lack of focus...your two natures fighting like puppies.
: : Of course, you WOULD miss my point because in some ways, you still embody the spirit of that very patriarchal order.

: : +++Sweet cheeks...YOU'RE the one in love with them Patriarchs...not me. And it is very sexist and male chauvanistic to claim that anger and passion and awareness are "masculine" traits...the same thing the cops felt when they clubbed and beat women who dared behave like "men" in demanding the vote. This stuff makes you stupid.

: xxx Ahem. I DID say that the macho male personality became mistaken for the "nature" of men. Please tell me you read what I wrote... & GOT it.

+++I read just got lost amid the clutter. If the macho male personality became "mistaken"...then god has been "mistakenly" turned into a pimp and a panderer. I'm not blaming any god per se...just the fuckers who use god...and the Catholic fuckers have been doing it the longest...starting when they killed Jesus...the Romans, I mean.

: : Almost all men in such societies do, whether or not they like it. It's also at the root of this blasted capitalist ideology & the reason why socialism couldn't work in places where feudalism had taken root before... where feudalism & the supposed law of macho might became mistaken as the "nature" of men. It's the reason why even a "secular" state would not be rid of pedophilia.

++++The world doesn't have to be rid of pedophilia...or any of the various things that afflict it which seem to be endemic to is the penchant for some humans to believe in gods. Let them. But when they enlist these gods as procurers and hide outs, thereby abetting the usual run of the mill weirdos...that's when you CAN do can remove the blinders from our eyes and remove the bottoms from their easy grasp.

+++And, incidentally...when this throw back to that patriarchal age of our dimwitted past has its fangs pulled...its cover's protection removed...that much sooner will that relic of those patriarchal days be ended....and though venery and fuckery won't be stamped will be one less den of fuckers we have to worry about...and pay taxes for.

+++Let them not eat our little cupcakes any longer...let them eat each other.

-- pancho
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