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Posted by farid from ( on Sunday, June 15, 2003 at 4:50PM :

In Reply to: thanks, Stella posted by Sadie from D007085.N1.Vanderbilt.Edu ( on Sunday, June 15, 2003 at 12:00PM :

: On another note: why is it "opposites" that unite? Why not "complements" that form a union?

+++I'm glad you asked me that. I think when we fall in love, we fall in love with ourselves...that is we find someone we can tell all about US to and in the process, fall in love with that idealized version of what we would like to be...what we can pass off in the first few months of a relationship. That person would have to be the opposite of us or he or she wouldn't stand it for a minute...would know just what sort of a game we're playing.

Also...the less you know yourself, the more apt you are to not know your compliment...or your opposite for that matter. If we were comfortable in our own skins...had some inkling of what and who WE were,,,instead of what everyone else tells us we must be...which leads to a rebellion of sorts that doesn't get us any closer...just further from what the others tell can we know if we are opposite or the same...and finally...we are attracted to the opposite because we can't stand ourselves...figure anything BUT something complimentary must be better. Who wants TWO of him or her...unless of course they actually know and LOVE who they are...and which of us has escaped self-loathing?

...anything else...?

-- farid
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