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Posted by Alexander from ( on Thursday, September 11, 2003 at 1:18AM :

Assyrians are not a religion, they are an ethnic group, based mainly in Iraq, some in Iran, many in Syria, also in Armenia, and many around the world, and also in diaspora around the world from Japan to Costa Rica to America to Australia and many other countries.

Assyrians are descended from the "ancient Assyrians" that you might read in text books.
Unfortunately, those textbooks are always biased and are nonrepresntative of the true society, as always.
Assyrians are predominantly Christian, and are split into several "sects". One of them is "Chaldean" and is not related to Chaldeans of antiquity. Chaldeans today live in southern Iraq. People who usually call themselves Chaldean today are really a mixture of other races, including Assyrian, or are Assyrian, or some other ethnic/racial mixes, and to be sure, there are many divisions within their ranks as to who they really are, since some claim to be descended from the Chaldeans of antiquity, but are not.
Assyrians are for the most part(at least the noisy ones are) for the war against Iraq because they believe this will give them a nation, which is a foolish notion.
This forum is different from other Assyrian websites, and we who type here are generally against the war against Iraq, and do not view things the same way as most Assyrians do. By the way, I for one am not Assyrian.
To see some Assyrians, copypaste this link:

Also, you can scroll to the bottom of the webpage and see an Assyrian who is lest "mixed"..... will give you a better idea of who Assyrians are, since mostly they look like many diffrent people.
When Fred says things like turning your head backward, he means it in a way to mock the Assyrian community. He has had "run-ins" with certain issues, and so he will mcok their society often, not in a bad way, but certainly for a reason. You would have to ask him about Lew, and as for learning about Assyrians, you would probably want to search the internet.
I found your earlier post to be quite funny, and am glad you posted here an article. That last article you posted was quite funny, and is more like the style I use when typing, or when I use a satyrical post to try to make a point, and Im glad to see youre not one of the war-mongers. As for yourself, I am curious, since you post this late at night, which timezone you are in, or more specifically, what country?
Have a good night,
and psheyna

-- Alexander
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