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Posted by Azhi from ( on Tuesday, September 23, 2003 at 10:14PM :

In Reply to: Shlamalukh Azhi posted by Alexander from ( on Tuesday, September 23, 2003 at 9:13PM :

: Shlamalokh
: My name is Alexander. I agree with what you said regarding motives for US invasion of Iraq. As for what you stated:
: "That’s why about three years ago Saddam had their blessing to sell his oil using Euro. US responded heavy handedly and made an example out of Saddam"

: When you say they made an example of Saddam I think you are referring to the ousting of his "regime". As for that, he has not been ousted, he pulled his forces out of defending cities in order to pull the enemy in easier, and then to employ tiresome guerrila warfare. So he has not been made an example of anything, the US is not that powerful, and if they think they can mess with Iran, let them try. They only think they are taking Iraq in as much as they are allowed to by the Iraqi govt conducting anti-US operations in the country.
: But I like what you say in general, and it is good for a change to hear words like yours.
: By the way, Sadie is a she. And I think sometimes people take her posts the wrong way. She is very nice, and if she comes out to straightforward in her posts, it is incidental. Have a good day,
: Psheyna.

Hi Alexander;

I beg to differ on what you say. I truly believe that Saddam is finished. We need to realize that this invasion was not thought of over night. A group of Neo-con published a brief more than a decade ago recommending the covert/overt take over of the Middle East’s oil reserves. Some of those Neo-cons you may recognize today: Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz! The fact that Saddam started to use Euro to trade oil entered the equation much later. You may say that the US killed two birds with one stone: took over the World’s second largest oil reserve and showed everyone in the World that they should stay inline.

You mentioned about the resistance in Iraq. The main resistance is happening in the so-called Sunni Triangle. Washington has a back plan which has been advocated by many in the media like, if I recall currency, Ralph Peters (a retired army intelligent officer who writes for NY Times): dividing Iraq into three countries, Kurdistan in the north, A Sunni part in the middle and the Shai in the south. This will practically leave the Sunni penniless and isolated hence rendering them harmless.

PS sorry Sadie, I assumed you were a man because Sadie is a male name in Iran.

-- Azhi
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