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Posted by Jeff from ( on Monday, August 05, 2002 at 10:47AM :

In Reply to: I can't believe it.... posted by Julia from ( on Monday, August 05, 2002 at 9:35AM :

When I first learned about the middle east conflict in high school, I was lucky to have an unbiased teacher.

He was the one who explained to us that one man's "terrorist" is another man's "freedom fighter".

He explained the collective punishment, detentions, assasinations, etc. done by the Israelis (recall the recent 1 ton bomb dropped in a residential area), and referred to that as "terrorism".

Then, he explained the tactics of the Palestinian "terrorist" groups, but gave one reason why they have so much popular support. In many areas, it is Hamas and other terrorist groups that provide ordinary palestinians with healthcare, who run schools, etc. I'm not joking. Some of these "terrorist" groups actually help the Palestinian people in ways not related to war.

You have to look at the issue objectively... look at the extremists on both sides, the moderates on both sides, and try not to take sides.

-- Jeff
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