Why Muslim Assyrians can't exist......

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Posted by Tiglath from proxy03.mel.iprimus.net.au ( on Wednesday, November 13, 2002 at 8:11PM :

"Then said a teacher, "Speak to us of Teaching."

And he said:

No man can reveal to you aught but that which already lies half asleep in the dawning of our knowledge."

The Prophet, Khalil Gibran.


I think deep down where no-one dared look we all knew, we all suspected the real truth.
We Christian Assyrians and the MUslim Iraqis are the genetic descendents of the ancient Assyrians.
It's obvious that we have culturally strayed and we have become religiously estranged.

All it takes is a paradigm shift to see it.
Our behavior results from our paradigms of the world. The classic example of the old woman/young woman picture is a good example.
You can look at the picture and see an old woman or you can look at the picture and see a young woman. Depending on what you see is what you are going to say about "that picture."

This is analagous to the seeing our Assyrian/Iraq picture.

Most of our religiously based Assyrians don't want to see the "young woman".
That's why they won't allow that type of discussion over there.

The acceptance of Muslim Assyrians opens up a Pandora's box.

If they are to be accepted, then;
We have our own country called Iraq (Uruk) and the long sought-after homeland becomes a reality!
The Simele incident was a civil war between our majority Muslim Assyrians and our minority Christian Assyrians.
And supporting the West in attacking our homeland makes us traitors.

What do you see in the picture?

-- Tiglath
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