Library of Assyrian Sociopathology # 2

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Posted by andreas from ( on Friday, December 13, 2002 at 5:34PM :

Library of Assyrian Sociopathology # 2

I will not reveal the author's name 'cause I am not authorized to do so and I don't want to smear.

This article is howver indicative of the rotten mental state of most of the so called "Assyrian" so called "Christians".

I'd hope that a double negative/nonsense would negate itself - but this nonsense doesn't do so - it is still finding an excellent thriving ground for mushrooming in the fundamentalistic USA.

Maybe it's time now to debunk.. and to weed out ...


I submit this revelation that Jesus Christ in his birth and humanity is an

Abraham in the Bible is tha ancestral nephew of Asshur,the founder of the
Assyrians, the son of Shem and the grandson of Noah. That means he was

Jesus Christ is said to be of the seed of Abraham (the Assyrian), Galatians
3:16, "The promises were spoken to Abraham and to his seed...meaning one
person, who is Christ." Matthew 1:1 says "Jesus Christ...the son of

This means that Jesus Christ is Assyrian and Jewish. He preached and taught
in the Assyrian language (Aramaic) when he was on earth.

Alaha ahmokhun b'shimit Eshoo M'shekha, Qasha (...)

-- andreas
-- signature .

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