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Posted by Lilly from ? ( on Friday, December 13, 2002 at 6:05PM :

In Reply to: Library of Assyrian Sociopathology # 2 posted by andreas from ( on Friday, December 13, 2002 at 5:34PM :

Abraham was Chaldean - he's from Ur of the Chaldees & was called "Abraham of the Chaldees." At least that's what I heard. & I believe that people at that time affiliated themselves w/ the land on which they were situated, the language that was spoken, & the ruler who was in power.

I think it's actually very possible that many people who later converted to Christianity in the Middle East were Jewish (like Christ), & that these converts joined w/ the other "Gentile" converts & formed families, etc. The early Christians were forced into hiding a lot, & probably sought comfort & companionship w/ all who said they were Christian. Anyway, to say anyone in the Middle East is "pure" blooded is wrong - we're all a mix of tribes & religions, & Middle Eastern culture reflects that. The only thing "bad" about the Jewish population in the Middle East is the right wing Israeli government, just as the only thing "bad" about the Muslim & Christian populations in & from the Middle East are the fundamentalists who are hell-bent on converting everyone. & I think it's all b/c ea. religion similarly dictates that man is literally the earthly version of God, & therefore the more "Godly" the man, the more he has the right to inflict the wrath of God on or act benevolently in the name of God toward "others". & furthermore, I don't think that intolerance of this sort was around until the Western powers started to manipulate the masses in the Mid East by suggesting that political persecutions were based on religious differences purely (& thereby excluding the possiblity that political aspirations that happened to correlate w/ nations of people who were majority one religion could have also come into play). Notice that the US trained the Taliban & bin Laden. Notice that the US propped Saddam into power. Notice that an incredibly corrupt Western Church sent the Crusaders into Jerusalem... it's the powerful, not merely a religion, that's done the most harm - the powerful using the religion as a tool to gain support in ways that were culturally acceptable w/in their society, after the society accepts the doctrines of that religion (subject to many cultural interpretations - look how many "brands" of Christianity there are in the world today).

Please comment if you have a different opinion.

-- Lilly
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