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Posted by Dubya (Guest) - Thursday, September 30 2004, 17:03:42 (CEST)
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you're so cool I am going to call you a Kulo? Now I have a question...what in the hell are you talking about and if this was not intended for me I apologize.

Tiglath wrote:
>Now I recognise YOU.
>You're that Cretan from Beth who went ballistic after I slammed your Jewish book and demanded that another hero sue me. Even posted my full address for all to see. You're that slimy anonymouse who then lost it completly after I told him he should be ashamed for suing me after I spoke the truth BUT refuses to sue an American site hosting
>I thought I recognised you.
>Don't worry now I'm making a collection of your "witty" remarks. You will get many honourable mentions in the next round of David Chiboman's Top 10.
>Hehehehe......stay tuned.
>P.S. You honour me by calling me a girl. Unlike YOU I've never had an inferiority complex about my masculinity and have meanwhile been working on my feminine side and trying to develop more of a nurturing and loving aspect to my personality. I say this with the strength of my masculine half and the compassion of my feminine half.
>Meanwhile YOU stay anonymouse.......hehehehehe


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