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Posted by Muncho (Guest) - Tuesday, December 11 2007, 10:13:41 (CET)
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You are Naive, submisive, and a quick swinger as always...

Since you are being TRAINED by pancho to take his place in this Zoo... And since I've seen many monkeys before, I will show you how to do your tricks so you will atleast get a banana or two...

"You are very right brothers;"

*** When did you say "brothers" was ever wrong, even when his belief thrashed yours before?

"he has been on here for some time now and hasn't had anything to say."

*** When will you stupid monkeys accept the fact that I am here to watch you and laugh at you? Isn't laughing considered as "saying something" these days?

"He only responds to a portion or a word he finds in your post and twists it around to get himself going."

*** Get myself going? lol God you have a more promising future than your trainer Monkey...

"Do you remember I had written a long message on here and out of everything I wrote he found one word "worship" and he began to start something based on that. He claimed that I said "salaat" translates as worship;though I never said that and I actually took time to go back over my own message just to double check and he was way off the subject."

*** And you still didn't say what salaat translated to in english. Yet, you kept swinging from pole to pole to make me think you were Tarzan with a long tail...

"It is like a big waste of time responding to such yet it is people like him who will say we are a "waste of time"."

*** Atleast I don't waste as much time and energy as you do. All I have to do is show you a Banana and watch you go crazy ;-)

"He has never gotten over the "virgins" yet,"

*** I LOVE the 40 year old VIRGINS... Is that a problem for you? Jealous,are we?

"he claims not to be religious yet explodes at every commend we make and thinks we are fools."

*** Correction! I don't "think" you're fools. I KNOW you are... Big difference, don't you "think"?

"He doesen't believe in people learning and doing research in life."

*** Why would I waste time if pancho has done all the "research" and knows all the "facts"?

"It is so impossible in his world for a person to learn something new."

loool You can say that again... But monkeys have no problems learning new trick, right? You are a living example...

"I have offered him the chance to dialogue between inter faith if he likes to,"

*** I'm not here to learn, you idiot, because, I "know" everything too, just like you two and my "facts" are "undisputable", just like yours... havn't you guessed that yet?

"but he claimed that he didn't "give a fuck" about that so what more can I say to him that is not a waste of time."

*** Correction again. It is YOU two IDIOTS that I don't care about, except when I need a laugh...

"So far all he has done is try to mock at everything you or I say."

*** I'm glad you, atleast, noticed

"Of course he is not normal and that is very visible by now."

*** As visible as your "known facts"?

"I mean the caracter hasn't had anything serious to say."

*** To say to Monkeys? What do you think I am, boy? I'm saving it all to my 40 year old Virgins ;-)

"Oh well, he ain't serious so he shouldn't be surprised to get the responses he wants to get."

*** Serious? You mean I don't agree to "learn" your tricks, right?

"He seems very desperate for virgins."

*** I just LOVE them, and can't wait to go to janna to claim them... SEVEN OF THEM...

Your beloved




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