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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, March 7 2011, 10:10:12 (UTC)
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"Yup, Semele happened while Iraq was under British control and it was the Iraqis who actually stopped the killings or else there would have been more than 300 killed."

I read that too in a book on Iraq by Longacre, a British diplomat who lived there during the 50s.....he wrote that there were elements in the government and military who wanted to do the same in other villages but that other Iraqis stopped them. I find it hard to believe that it was British influence that stopped any further killings. It's not in their national character.

I don't know why we find it so odd that a people would kill their own....anyone hear of the American Civil War during which more Americans were killed by their own than in all the wars this country has fought combined? other words; no one has killed more Americans than have other Americans....what about Europeans and all their own people they have warred against and murdered...what about the Irish who, until a few years ago were blowing up Irish children on both sides of their religious divide?...what about Christians who have been the greatest enemies of other Christians there ever was? why is it so hard to believe our government would have egged on and goaded and supported any extremists who had an eye to killing Americans? If anything it's the easiest thing in the world to believe...because we see daily before our eyes how Americans drive other Americans into the streets, with their children too, to live under bridges and in come we accept that so easily and readily but we get all up our own arses at the thought that an American would actually kill another American to achieve some desirable end?


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