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Posted by AssyrianMuslim (Guest) - Wednesday, January 2 2008, 23:34:47 (CET)
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pancho wrote:
>As for their younger generation, they are more messed up than the elders because most of them are either westernized and don't care and others have become fanatics for Christ as worse than ever.
> is interesting how eagerly they seek to be Westernized but hate being "Arabized". Their loyalties are such that a totally foreign culture 10,000 miles away is more appealing than the one of their neighbors, with whom their children share a culture that goes back 1400 years.

Exactly, isn't it something? They complain of people being Arabized Persianized yet have nothing to say about those becoming Americanized, Canadianized and westernized. In both circumstances, the choice is theirs. No one forced them to adapt to the Arab culture but it was a choice as the same with those in the west, but the difference is that it is acceptable to be westernized but it's horrific to use an Arabic or Turkish word from time to time. A big double standard and they are so obvious with it.

>..they live for Christ and will attach themselves to any Christian from the West over common bonds with their brothers and sisters who are only separated from them by a religion...not even a language since they all speak Arabic in Arab countries and Farsi in Iran.

Yes that's right. They'll become friends with any monkey from the west no matter how filthy just as long as they identigy themselves as "Christians". They complain about Assyrians speaking or listening to Middle Eastern music such as Arabic, Kurdish, Turkish, etc but no problem with listening to rap, hip hop, rock, etc or speaking the western languages better and more than their own, why isn't that a problem.

> wonder they are viewed with suspicion...and all the more reason that none of them, with Western Christian violence backing their lciams are going to get a "nation" carved out from BetNahrain.

They were viewed with suspicion because they were guilty of doing things to betray their countries in the Middle East, but they were given much freedom to be honest. They were never portrayed on tv as evil or criminals on television in the Middle East. Just look at how they display Muslims on CNN and other western stations. They show Muslims in the Mosques worshipping or men with beards, women with hijabs,etc. They did the same things to the Jews and they still do with Black Americans today. Only now they are doing it with Muslims because Islam is the biggest threat to them for political and Ideological reasons. That explains why they attack the Islamic masrasas. Not because they teach violence or hate, but because they teach the Quran, Islam and everything a Muslim needs. They don't want that. They are pissed because Muslims haven't changed Islam to fit their own desires and because Islam is pure uncorrupted and they hate when a Muslim does as he is told by his way of life. They want us to be like them(slaves) and behave how they do. They want our women to be prodstitutes, they want us to dishonor women, watch porns, get piss drunk, be slaves to their societies just as they have most westerners brainwashed and enslaved by their way which is destructive. Only now people in the west have found Islam and soi many are embracing it and this is the whole problem no matter what they say. No matter how Rudolph Guliani says we are not "anti Muslim" or Bush repeats the same lies, they are fooloing themselves. They will not like Muslims or stop their games until Muslim abandon Islam to the point of how the turkish government has or they'll continue attacking.

This is the worse nightmare to them and it began the day Prophet Muhammad(saaws) was born and the day his prophethood began. This is their worse nightmare and that is the Islamic bomb and not the missile in Pakistan. The Islamic bomb was born 1,400 years ago and not recently. The difference is that the Islamic bomb will not go away until they either stop their madness and corruption they bring to the Islamic world and start behaving as ordinary humans do. Every lie you hear them spread about Islam is what they are guilty of. Wether forced conversions, crusades, "holy wars" and whatever else they say. The same thing they said about Jews for almost 2000 years. They killed and persecuted Jews as being "Christ killers" yet forget that only through his so called murder can they go live on their clowd. So why are they "Christ killers" if he had to die in order for Bush and everyone else to go to heaven. They persecuted Jews for being Christ killers and then get pissed when they hear someone denying the alleged crucifixion of Jesus. If I were a Christian(loving follower of Christ) I would be happy to hear that Jesus was rescued and not killed but this is a sick mentality we are dealing with. As a Muslim, I still love Jesus(as) more than I could ever as a Christian and I am still happy to know and learn what really happened to the great and mighty prophet of God, Jesus(as).

>..because they are happily foolish they think everyone else will be as well.

Let them continue fooling themselves all they want to and the world will continue to laugh at them while the fanatical Christians from the west will use them as a bridge to try to cause corruption in the Middle East and the Islamic world. They have voluntered themselves in the front lines of British, Russian and other western armies. Imagine that. They are willing to send their men to battle field to fight as "Christians" as if Jesus told them to do so yet haven't done anything "Assyrian" in 2000 years. Nothining at all and apart from a few Syriac church documents which are not reliable or authentic they have nothing to show for. It's all they can do to justify their filth in 2000 years and it's their way of showing that embracing Christianity wasn't so bad after all. It only stripped them of everything and threw them back to the dark ages just as it did anywhere it went. Europe was sunken in the dark ages when the Muslims came to Spain. They still would be if they were controlled by the churches in Europe. It was only with secularism that they were able to achieve what they have recently and Muslims were able to achieve all that and more under Islam and have only fallen back after becoming colonized and divided. The truth speaks for itself and history is our evidence. Almost all western scholars except for very few of the prejudice Christian ones have all praised and written about Muslims and Islam which totally refutes the lies of the Christians that Islam was oppressive or spread by the force of sword.


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