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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Saturday, April 15 2017, 23:36:43 (UTC)
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Van Jones proved he's another phony and hypocrite. Fareed I never liked. And Maddow should change her last name to McCarthy. I mean, she just goes about her Russia-bashing as if the U.S. doesn't monitor each and every election around the globe, let alone attempt to influence it by all means necessary. If we go back to the end of WW II and the Italian elections of 1948, when it was clearly evident that the Italian Communist Party (PCI) would win, we used all of our means, including threat of force, to make sure that the Christian Democrats (DC) won, who were in bed with the Fascists, and who continued to rule Italy for decades. When former Prime Minister and then President of the DC was to bring in the Communists into the government in 1978, he was kidnapped and killed by the Red Brigades, a far-left terrorist group. Years later it was revealed that the Red Brigades were infiltrated by the CIA, and that Moro's kidnapping and assassination was part of Operation Gladio, aka. NATO's Stay Behinds. Three years prior to Moro's murder, the gay, communist, catholic, atheist author, poet and filmmaker, Pier Paolo Pasolini was brutally killed after picking up a young 17-year-old boy. His murder was written off as "self-defense". Now we know that similar if not the same elements of the far-Right were responsible for his murder as they were for Moro's... and all were paid and aided by the same outside source: US.


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