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Re: how would YOU suggest making 60 million in 24 hours?
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Thursday, March 24 2011, 23:04:24 (UTC)
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...I am a devout feminist...reading feminist literature and being intelligently and deservedly scolded for an entire night by my not-yet wife in Seattle in the early 70s opened my eyes to so much about how people are made into boys and girls are created, not born. It was one of the two most liberating experiences of my life and opened my eyes in ways my masculine upbringing never would ahve and never was meant to....however and quite naturally the pendulum swung to far to the opposite extreme...but that wasn´t the fault of women trying to liberate themselves...once again it was atestament to how far out of natural shape they had pushed by patriarchal have to expect.

But, I did find it amusing that liberation came to mean so many things otherwise pleasing to men, in the long women being "free" to dress as whores, and take multiple partners as a sign of their "freedom from the tyranny of men"...and how even being a prostitute came to be a regular handy for men all around...and although men kicked and screamed at first about women in the workplace, the truth was that all-powerful men were no longer able to support a family, or even a couple, with their one salary...women were driven to work AND still took out the garbage, cooked and cleaned and were expected to provide hot sex at night...and they called it to be a slave and a willing sex object.

H. Rap brown said it best back in the 60s..."the white man will co-opt dog shit if there´s money in it."


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