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=> no one in Iraq ever asked to be liberated....

no one in Iraq ever asked to be liberated....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Friday, March 11 2011, 14:56:38 (UTC)
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...that was American the flowers they were going to greet us with, instead of the guns we found aimed at us...and Bush knew it all along...that crap is for public consumption.

No one in Iraq asked for one asked us for our "help", no one asked for a no-fly zone...but we went in and did these things anyway and, in the process, robbed billions from our Treasury to hand over to the Libya they ARE asking for a no-fly zone, the ARE fighting for democracy...and we won't lend a hand...because there's no money in "helping", only in FORCING...because force i.e., the military, earns a bundle.

Like I said, there are less and less ways to make big bucks in reach a saturation point, also you exhaust the resources, also you squeeze the workers so much, as a last ditch desperate effort to "make money", that no one has enough money to buy all the garbage they don't even make you begin giving away public assets to the private sector and, the last great Golconda is WAR...not real war, but war against people easy to overwhelm but who remain "dangerous" so you get a lot of repeat business and "maintenance" keep robbing the Treasury, in other words.

This is what Lenin meant when he said the Capitalist would supply the rope for his own hanging, if he could make a buck. The aristocracy of France did the same thing...they brought on their own destruction, didn't care, didn't think to see what was happening all around them because by then, when things had become so extreme, they were already crazy and couldn't change if they wanted to...just like our super-rich who lost touch with reality long ago and only live to play Monopoly with fake money while the rest of us try to eat cake.


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