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Posted by Gandhi from ( on Wednesday, April 24, 2002 at 0:48AM :

In Reply to: Re: WELL??? posted by pancho from ? ( on Tuesday, April 23, 2002 at 9:30PM :

: don't think it's lower to hurt us all because of the simple truth that I wouldn't screw her? You don't think it's low to write lies to people about me behind my back...whassametter the honesty of it bother you? Shame on all the women who ever fought back...on the children who told on the priests and shame on me for telling you all that these kinds of people run your show for you.

: I'll write as I please...I am sorry you don't approve...who cares? Do you think it's stupider to bury children send money to Israel so they can dismantle our Holy lands?

: We have an entirely different war to fight...not with guns, not with bombs and not against any matter what Peter says or how many photos from 70 years ago they want to put up at bethsuryoyo...our only stumbling blocks are the people among us who think they can steal our good name and put it to work for them...and by the way Jackie is as much Armenian as Assyrian...more so actually.

: I am going to make it as painful as I can for her for as long as I can. I have overlooked all sorts of things aimed at me personally...but what she and Nimrod and Golani did is very different. These people stoop to all sorts of things behind our backs and at secret meetings we know nothing about...and they do so freely counting on the rest of us to be too decent to call them on it. No more. Let what Jackie is going to get more of warn others that this sly way of theirs will not work so easily any longer. We are either all going to behave in an honorable way...or all bets are off.

: Get yourself a name.

Frankly Pancho I am confused , what hell are you talking about ?
All I asked is Don't write stupid things about an Assyrian maried woman , if she has caused you problems you have already settled it legally, why are you trying to loose your maners or if a person is bad why are you trying to go down to his or her level .
Bring people up to your level you are an Assyrian icon and puplic figuere try to be a good roll model .
you ,nimrod,jackie and goulani its all about money and money then what ? soon or later we are all six feet under and forgoten .
Where is mother treasa or Genkis khan ?
where will Bill Gate or the guy in jail for bad credit end up ? both six feet under with no exceptions!
take it easy and leave it to time , take your time and stay away from it for a while. you will see for yourself how things will turn to your faver.

-- Gandhi
-- signature .

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