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Posted by pancho from ( on Thursday, January 16, 2003 at 4:58PM :

In Reply to: all men posted by Sadie from ? ( on Thursday, January 16, 2003 at 3:56PM :

: who try to control anyone who is not "one" of their gang - whether it be women or children - act the same way, take advantage of "other" people in the same way.

+++I'm not a man...never have been...can't stand them. YOU are enamored of them...not me.

You COMPLETELY miss the point I'm trying to make - that the Catholic tradition is only another manifestation of a patriarchal order that confuses sex (& other things) with power.

+++And you miss mine...that it is not "only" another manifestation. It is especially and particularly heinous because it calls on god to sanctify and forgive and share in the profits of its manifest crimes. That is a very different order of skunk that your garden variety style of creepiness...AND the Catholic Church is the ONLY and the MOST enduring SINGLE entity that has been doing this sort of thing the LONGEST. It has no equal...not even close.

Of course, you WOULD miss my point because in some ways, you still embody the spirit of that very patriarchal order.

+++Sweet cheeks...YOU'RE the one in love with them Patriarchs...not me. And it is very sexist and male chauvanistic to claim that anger and passion and awareness are "masculine" traits...the same thing the cops felt when they clubbed and beat women who dared behave like "men" in demanding the vote. This stuff makes you stupid.

Almost all men in such societies do, whether or not they like it. It's also at the root of this blasted capitalist ideology & the reason why socialism couldn't work in places where feudalism had taken root before... where feudalism & the supposed law of macho might became mistaken as the "nature" of men. It's the reason why even a "secular" state would not be rid of pedophilia.

+++No one expects a complete end to pedophilia or disease...just strip the church of its sanctimonious it for what it is. Not until children spoke out was there any hope of reforming that bunch of fornicators...would you have told them that things had to stay the same as long as we lived in a patriarchal state? Not me toots. Expose the damn thing...rat the fuckers out...don't allow them to crawl back into their churches where they wont change until people FORCE it to.

Left to itself the Catholic Church would never have left off burning and jailing the most brilliant minds we could produce, as well as the unattainable women who gave the Bishop wet dreams. It's been by crippling the Church that we've made any progress as human beans...except the fuckers ran around ahead of us and lifted their hands in praise that we FOLLOWED THEIR LEAD!!!...when we had to drag them away by force, kicking and excommunicating, from the killing fields right in front of their Cathedrals where they were roasting people on those stakes in the ground...pre-cursors to the ovens at Auschwitz.

All the Catholic Church did was superimpose another religion on the people who'd already been "tamed" & taught this perspective by other aristocrats.

+++Yeah. You still miss the point...remove the mote toots. The Catholic Church used the credulity of ignorant people...people it labored mightily to KEEP give itself a Holy far more powerful than any a secular aristrocrat had...and they got away with it for almost 1000 years...the latter end of it known as the Dark Ages.

+++Their power was eventually broken...until today when the ONLY thing they have that kind of power over is young children...where they still use that kind of awe-inspiring bullshit that once paralyzed "grown" people.

++++It is not. "the same"...try as you might...because they theemselves use their special status when it suits them...only when they're busted...when they get caught with their hands in your they say..."we' re just frail humans, like the rest of you". Well let them go to jail as the rest of us would...and let them take their madman of a god to an asylum where he belongs...and while we're at it...let's drop this fiction about how much GOOD they do and tax the fuckers!!!

+++And another thing...long before you stumbled out of your love nest in Nashville...I was pounding the Christian Corporation. I don't need the "safety" of anything to speak out. I'm going to enjoy America while it still IS America. Do I strike you as timid?

-- pancho
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