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Posted by Azhi from ( on Tuesday, September 23, 2003 at 8:15PM :

In Reply to: Dear Azhi posted by Sadie from ? ( on Tuesday, September 23, 2003 at 10:51AM :

: Were you for the current invasion of Iraq?

: Are you for the creation of a Kurdistan as a state? Or are you for the integration of Kurdistan as a territory of future Iraq?

: Why do you post on Assyrian websites when people don't respect you?

: I'm just curious. Don't take these questions personally.... I don't know you, & some of the things you say I like, but I don't really know what your main perspective is on these things.

: As for farid/Fred - he'll like you as long as you allow him to say bad things about AINA. But if you challenge him, he'll hate you. He's very petty. He can be incredibly condescending toward people who he perceives to be a threat to him, intellectually, & not just toward people he thinks are stupid. Stroke his ego, & you'll get far on this forum. For instance, I posted a lot of good information on his forum, & yet he openly disrespects me for merely being a student. So, watch what you say - do not be too smart here, or Fred will try to cut you down. He's transformed himself to take on the same characteristics that he hates in others, & he can be quite the ass at times, himself.

Dear Mr. Sadie;

You are posing very serious questions which cannot be easily answered. I use to think of the World as black and white, but things change and people evolve (or devolve depending how you look at it). My background made me brush with Saddam’s handiwork quite a few times. First, it was the invasion and destruction of hometown (Qasr-i Shirin) in 1980. Then I had the “luck“ of being drafted into the Iranian Army and saw with my own eyes how religious fundamentalism used for economic gains can cause tragedies; I was even exposed to little Saddam’s home chemistry kit. So, I am no fan of Saddam.

On the other hand, I have long realized that human rights are used as much as religion to hide ulterior motives. To politicians’ human rights is just an empty word that is used to manipulate the public opinion. The reason why the US attacked Iraq was not to protect human rights. It was to preserve the petrodollar and send a clear message to Iran and Venezuela that are filtering with the idea of adopting Euro to trade oil. Remember how fast US backed up the later defeated coup d'etat in Venezuela last year? Political rhetoric is just words that I simply tune them out; I am just amazed why the politicians even bother. I, personally, approach the World events with a cynical predisposition, always. Basically what happened was that Germany and France used Iraq as a guinea pig to test how US would respond to the threat of Euro. That’s why about three years ago Saddam had their blessing to sell his oil using Euro. US responded heavy handedly and made an example out of Saddam. I think many were puzzled why Bush did not listen to anyone, no matter how many concessions Saddam made it was not enough. One only needs to look at the Euro/USD chart for the past three years and you can correlate a lot of the moves made by the US administration to events on the chart. Now the pressure is on China to “float” its currency.

After this brief introduction of how I think let’s go back to your question, I will be short but we can discuss them in details if you want.

1. I was against the invasion, but that does not mean I was pro Saddam.
2. In today’s world boundaries do not really matter, the whole Europe is coming together. On the other hand the Kurds live in a backward place. Today, after more than 80 years, Turkey finally has lifted banning Kurdish names Now, the Kurds CAN choose Kurdish names for their children. How sad is that? We do live in the 21st century, don’t we? Mind you, Turkey is only relaxing its anti-minority laws to become a member of EU. So, to answer your question: if the Kurds can enjoy their rights in the region they should not separate, but if they are to be suppressed then I am all for independence. One thing you need to remember is that abusing the rights of minority’s results in economic exploitation of the population as a whole. There is a huge economic gap between Western Turkey and the Southeast.
3. I really do not go and post in Assyrian sites. I had a few questions which I presented to people in AINA. I posted three times there and promised myself not to go back, a promise that I still have kept. I think Jeff read my posts in AINA and told me of this place. I am glad that he told me since I can see now that AINA is not the whole Assyrian nation.

Hopefully these brief answers are enough, if not let’s discuss them further.

-- Azhi
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