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Posted by Julia from ( on Thursday, July 18, 2002 at 11:56AM :

In Reply to: Re: The reason why i'm asking is because.. posted by panch from ( on Thursday, July 18, 2002 at 10:55AM :

You forget that Jesus claimed he was God. Jesus is not Gandhi; aka he's not some extraordinary human who happens to have some good values..

He said "I and the Father are One," if you look at me you look at the father. Jesus' will was in perfect harmony with God's will. Therefore, Jesus was not "killed by the Jews" or sacrificed by a tyrranical God...Jesus IS god, knew all that was going to happen because it was part of god's plan - his plan.

jesus' plan=god's plan

: The very idea of my being "saved" by the sacrifice of some one else...someone as sweet and innocent and gentle as Jesus such a disgusting thing as to make me dislike Christians all the more...if that were possible.

: Not even on the playground do we encourage our children to take advantage of an innocent shove him forward ahead of us to catch hell for what we did wrong. We have a distinctly low opinion for the person who refuses to take the consequences of his own acts...especially if he or she knowingly puts the blame on, and allows, an innocent person to take the punishment that should have been ours.

: But Christianity is all about a Mad man of a God...a Holy Terror of a Father if ever there was one...who sets for us a Divine example by insisting, DEMANDING, that his sweet son be racked and tortured and killed to cover his OWN ass because he did such a poor job in making us all. And did it do any good? Did Jesus NOT die for nothing? Is the world a kindler gentler place since his sacrifice...or has it becomes just what it would when so many people followed the example of that god with his old and mouldy Testicles. Is this a joke or what? They give DEGREES in this stuff?

: "Save me Jesus for I have fornicated my neighbors wife. You didn't do it I was the last thing on your were up in the hills minding your busines...while I was down here humping my neighbor...but listen Lord...I'm a a bit ashamed of myself now...and I don't want to pay the price for it...would you mind catching hell for me...and I promise I'll be so in awe of you (you chump) all...that I don't think I'll ever do it again." And he never did...yeah right!

: What do we think of the criminal who puts the evidence of his theft into an innocent man's pocket? Do we smile at his cowardice and say..."what a holy man"...or do we wish him to hell....and try to save the innocent one? I would be ashamed of myself and of my child if I or she would EVER consent to such a thing. What is it with you Christians refusing to take responsibility for what you do...instead of hanging your sins around the neck of the first sweet doofus you lay your hands on and nailingHIM up on the cross you richly deserve.

: Abelard and I would have good times with a mug or two. I'd have disabused him of the rest of these silly notions.

-- Julia
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