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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Thursday, July 18, 2002 at 4:24PM :

In Reply to: Re: The reason why i'm asking is because.. posted by Julia from ( on Thursday, July 18, 2002 at 11:56AM :

: You forget that Jesus claimed he was God. Jesus is not Gandhi; aka he's not some extraordinary human who happens to have some good values..

++++No, YOU forget that as a grown up with minimal faculties intact this farrago of nonsense would make you laugh. It is by getting you early and crapping in your minds that they achieve this level of idiocy passing as reason OR faith. It's fine to have faith...but not that shit will taste good with whipped cream. What the hell does all this stuff signify anyway? You really understood what you just said or are you repeating what you had to learn to parrot else Mummy and Daddy would withold their love and approval? Stella still says it's a matter of "respect"...okay fine, how about some respect for your own minds before you hobble them with these fetters? Just as you yourself know how un-free you are of their controlling ways right now...and tell me you, in any way, "chose" to buy this nonsense.

: He said "I and the Father are One," if you look at me you look at the father.

+++And I say that you have no way at all of knowing any of this is true...The Bible is a Jewish history book they have incredibly convinced people is ANY kind of a word of ANY kind of a god. You don't know a damn thing about Jesus...yet like all theologians who don't know how to balance their have no qualms about measuring the distance between the Heavens and earth. Good do you keep a straight face?

Jesus' will was in perfect harmony with God's will. Therefore, Jesus was not "killed by the Jews" or sacrificed by a tyrranical God...Jesus IS god, knew all that was going to happen because it was part of god's plan - his plan.

+++If the man and his God are THAT stupid it just begs the question. Without any of this folderrol I could have made the universe far better myself..any five year old could have. I would NOT have set a standard of suffering and barbarity as a sign of divine favor..I would NOT give Lina a disease so I could "save" her or rush to gather her to my arms before she tastes anything of life but illness and misery. No wonder you need gallons of Vaseline to oil your way through a day.

: jesus' plan=god's plan

jesus and god = no sane person's idea of ANY plan.

+++They and the heavenly hosts of angels can all kiss my grits. I don't ask them to SAVE anybody...just stop condemning us to everlasting hell here on the earth you say the two of them created. They couldn't land a job or hold it as soda jerks if they did about what they've done with the world.

-- pancho
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