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Posted by Paul Younan (Guest) - Friday, October 1 2004, 0:10:41 (CEST)
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>...there is nothing to be gained by posting at your place...and I told you, I don't trust you...I have no wish to get lectured and banned by some other old biddy at your place...what for...where's the benefit?

You wouldn't get banned. I told you already, I wanted to return the favour and give you an audience of traditional-Jewish and Christian-Jewish scholars, a place where you can air your views and I can watch and enjoy your demise. There's plenty to be gained.

>...that's hardly the case here...there was a second part to your campaign to show me mistaken and that was to tell how those eastern Christians got that way...and that would depend upon your giving what evidence you have as to the vast numbers you claim leaped into Christ...I dropped the Romans, for now...and said next that your figures are bogus and based on nothing more than saints and miracles and wishfull propaganda...ansd fdor you to say you won't "rush" in this you did with your maps..because your feelings are hurt...well, you are the same lying scoundrel you were before....mine was an error in fact...your's is a Lie.

Dummy-head, there are 22 million Christians of the Syriac heritage in India alone, TODAY, after all the massacres at the hands of Tamerlane back during the 14th century. What makes you think the vast Asian continent couldn't have held 80 million Church of the East members back in the 14th century, during it's greatest missionary activity and height with 29 METROPOLITANS and over 400 BISHOPS owing allegience to the Patriarch at Baghdad? All of them signatories at Synods held in Baghdad?

Seriously Farid, history is *not* your strong point. You make light of 600 graves and wonder how that represents 80 million, but your reasoning is faulty. Those 600 graves were found on the edge of SIBERIA, for cryin' out loud. There have been hundreds of sites which have been recently discovered all across the Asian continent where Church of the East buildings, cemeteries and manuscripts have been found. From Socotra to Java, from the Philippines to India and from China to Japan and back to the middle east and Turkestan. Are you kidding me?

Have you never read Marco Polo or William of Rubruck's accounts of their travels across Asia along the Silk Road? Of their encounters of Christian kingdoms and innumerable churches belonging to the Assyrian Patriarch at Baghdad?

Major cities along the Silk Road with vast Church of the East diocese' included Agra, Aleppo, Baghdad, Basra, Beijing in China (then called Khan-Balik), Bukhara in Afghanistan, Chang 'an in China, Delhi in India, Trichur in India, Malabar coast in India, Dunhuang in China, Guangzhou in China, Isfahan in Persia, Kabul in Afghanistan, Karakorum in Turkestan, Kashgar in Kazakhstan, Kesh, Khotan, Merv, Ormuz, Samarkand, Yamamoto all the way over in Japan.....and on and on, I could list hundreds of places where Church of the East existed in large numbers all across Asia.

Farid, you need to read up on Church of the East history - the Church of your Grandparents and not that piece of shit Lutheran Western crap somebody in your immediate past converted to in Urmia.

>...put up AND shut up.

Seriously, Farid. The Church of the East during the 11th-14th centuries was the LARGEST Christian denomination at the time, much like the Roman Catholic church is today. WE were the largest. Any student of Asian Christianity knows this. I can't believe we are debating about such elementary things.

>...I'll bet you're writing the "book" right now. How come you didn't wait to get to it when it was a matter of a map?

There's a map of the Asian continent for you. As for Karlsson's book, I have not made it to the library yet. I have more pressing matters right now than to give you an education you should have received back in 8th grade.



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