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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Sunday, June 5 2011, 1:36:35 (UTC)
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Arrow wrote:
>yeah... Well If I want to participate here then I prefer to argue about something rather than parrot the same dominant views of this forum. I will therefore take the contradictory stand.
>Jesus never orchestrated a battle, never held arms, never traded for monetary gain, never fucked, never cursed... what else...

That may be true but I am sure that if you are a Christian then you must believe Jesus and the father are one and same. Christians also believe Jesus was the god of the old testament before he came to earth so that makes him worse than Hitler in that case with all of the things that are recorded such as rape, genocide, theft, slavery, incest etc. I have always found it contradicting even when I was a Christian how Jesus and god are the same yet so different in personality. One can clearly see how it's different yet he is supposed to be perfect who makes no errors.

Jesus maybe didn't lead battles but he was crucified and only people who were a serious problem to Rome were killed in this manner. He must have been some kind of danger to the authorities to get killed that way, and non-biblical sources of that time also tell us that James(who was the real leader of the Jesus movement) was very militant and they engaged in many battles with Rome and believed in kicking the Romans out in anyway possible. We don't know much about Jesus or what all he said but even the church is now admitting after 2,000 years that there was far more to Jesus and even another side which is not found in what came to be "sacred" or scripture.


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