A Passle of Priests

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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Monday, April 22, 2002 at 11:30PM :

Watched Assyrian TV tonite and saw more priests in one place than you're likely to see this side of Hell. What is it with us? Can we never get enough? And now for god's sake they're ganging UP! Threatening to "join together" and really do a job on us.

Mar Bawi apparently got an advanced degree in Flatworldism and this was an excuse to round them up together on one stage and feed them.

Church is fine...Insane Asylums are a good idea too...priests are wonderful people for any problem or question you might need answered in order to get through life in the 13th Century.

What have they done for us? No no...don't get misty eyed and goofy on me...just answer the question. If I see one more grown man or woman kneel down and kiss a hand or an arse, I think I'll spit.

It was a depressing spectacle...as it was hearing the dismal choir of singed cats singing a hymn or a ham or whatever it was. How we puff and swell at nothing...in such a mocking contrast to where we came from...are you all SURE that we're Assyrians? How do you DO what's been done to people to get "us" out of "them"....to transform Assyrians to whatever it is we are now?

I don't think there is any other ethnic group in the United States or anywhere in the civilized world that cuts such a dismal figure as we do. It would be one thing if our ancestors had been cannibals...it would make sense then and you could argue that we evolved upwards. But to look at where we were three thousand years ago or more and compare that to the spectacle we make now...it's depressing that's what it is...makes you want to die...LAUGHING!!!

-- pancho
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