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Show me what you got !

Posted by Ir@qi on August 31, 2001 at 12:02:26:

Some one from the Assyrian community needs to step in and mediate in this issue of parhad showing his art at the
convention, and try to resolve it.
Where are the elders ?, the leaders, the friends, the priests, the people who are concerned about the culture, art, free speech, free association.... ?
Where the hell are the people who care ??
Did parhad dedicate his art to the people of Congo, or even to the people of Baghdad ?, NO !, he dedicate it to YOU !
How many people brought the word Hamorabi to the ignorant eyes of Americans who always thought Hamorabi is some kind of a soft drink.
Who reminded hundred of people in America that Assyrians are not some drunk people on welfare who look like Portoricans, rather they are people of great talents, and even greater civilization ?
It is not the politicians who did it, it is parhad.
An artist has the right to be Moody, sensitive, stubborn, picky, strange, dreamer, and even crazy. That is part
of being an artist.
Would you call Van Gogg crazy because he cut his own ear and gave it to his lover ?
An artist is not your child you put him in time out every time he day dreams.
An artist is not your Janitor you fire him every time he doesn't follow your instructions.
An artist is not an ornament you decorate your personal convention with, and if he doesn't fit in your decor you throw him out of the window.
I want to know one thing.
Show me one think in that convention, out of all the lectures, the singing and dancing, the fights, the $10,000
Parisian dresses, and the $200 silk neck ties,.... of all that and more
Show me one thing which will make an Assyrian Kid more proud of who he is than standing in front of the statue of the all mighty, bigger than life Hamorabi.
Show me !

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