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Re: Show me what you got !

Posted by parhad on August 31, 2001 at 13:41:04:

In Reply to: Show me what you got ! posted by Ir@qi on August 31, 2001 at 12:02:26:

You just did an excellent job of defending our Heritage...for that I thank you. There is hope so long as one person can get angry like that.

I say it again that our version of Christianity is opposite anything ever known or imagined of Assyrians. We've done such a good and complete job of distancing ourselves from ourselves, from our roots, that we're left as we are, begging respect and hiding our naked shabbiness behind designer labels and cars we didn't make.

I've been told to just come ahead and display anyway. That means if I can endure the hostility and anger, the unwelcome and insults and accusations that I'm "hawking" my wares...I'm free to come. Jackie has offered to pay the expenses of others...something I would NEVER accept...and people from her club have called amateur artists who made a piece or two ten years ago offering to come pick the paintings up because they didn't want to inconvenience them...and display them and return them! I have about 800 lbs of bronze to get 200 miles to their convention...I paid to have eight pedestals made...and nicely too, so the display would compliment the lobby...Jackie told me there was no money in her budget to help out etc.

I still don't know what to expect when I walk into the lobby today...the police? A manager who regrets to inform me that Hotel policy has changed in the last 15 minutes and NO ethnic sculpture can EVER be shown in the lobby again? Then of course everyone walking by who sees that I have unique and "expensive" pieces on display decides I've come to get rich...that the OTHER guy will whip out a stash of bills and peel off whatever I demand!

I'll tell you exactly why this goes on, and I've been involved with these people for 24 years. They are amateurs, rank and awful amateurs and they want things to stay that way. Then they pose as "leaders" and send "demands" to REAL leaders and the profesionals who work their staffs. In Zinda magazine we are being "cautioned" ALREADY to not expect too much as these are all dear and precious volunteers and what not! Yet they charge professional much as they can get away with. I don't mind paying, but we deserve a lot more for what they ask of US...and to begin the convention by alerting us that we shouldn't come with "high expectations"...behaving as if we were going to a Boy Scout meeting in some overworked mother's basement...while charging "uptown" prices, is a bit much. BUT, it shows you why they are uncomfortable dealing with any professionals. You don't begin any undertaking by warning people they shouldn't expect too much of you.

I do these things for that child you mentioned, not for their parents. For that child and my children and yours.

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