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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Sunday, May 7 2017, 21:54:53 (UTC)
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...we should remember that the end of all Fascist utopias is the utter destruction of what those who believed in it THOUGHT to simply cannot commit that much cruelty, that much ignorance, that much reviling of "intellectual elites" without ruining any chance of attaining anything but desolation.

..Hitler was the greatest enemy the German people ever had....ever! Trump is no Hitler, but the same is true; he is the enemy of the very fools he fooled...

...history has moved on, the Fascist ideal will not come again, if it ever was an ideal....but rather than competing ideologies and "blood" types...this time the jolt will come from the planet itself....because just this sort of idiotic simplicity will lead us to choke ourselves on our own garbage, and this time not metaphorically either.


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