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Posted by nasty pumpkin from ( on Thursday, January 16, 2003 at 0:45AM :

In Reply to: Re: I Hate To Break You... posted by Sadie from D007091.N1.Vanderbilt.Edu ( on Wednesday, January 15, 2003 at 11:29PM :

: Face it, pancho - the media is out for Catholic blood. The more dirt they can find on that church, the more they can destroy any humanitarian clout the Catholic Church may have.

+++I get're playing dumb on opposed to all the times you do it by accident. None of the other churches has the clout, the tradition, the inspirational power that the Catholic Church has...none of them have a Vatican, none of them pretend to go back to St Peter...none of them have a Sistine Chapel.

There is evil all over the world...and there is more goodness than the church can muster, among ordinary people.

How many preists would do the work they do if they weren't paid? I also wanted to help kids...and I had not a dime for myself or them. I met plenty of people who have no guaranteed "retreats", no health and dental and clothing allowances...and no one connected to a god to help them...yet in a hundred ways they take from what little they have, usually hard won...the hard way...and they share, and help and do what they can.

You can take all the fucking goodness the chuirch does and chalk it off to a 5% of the wealth they a Casino that has to allow someone to win once in a while...or a Stock Market that needs a few big winners...the Catholic Church only spends on its humanitarian crap in order to get MORE MONEY! It is an investment, nothing more.

Can you beat this...the oldest corporation in the world that robbed widows and orphans of millions to return a measely hand out...that tortured and burned people and raped children and young people, not to mention screwing up the minds and souls of millions upon millions, that ravaged the Native population of the know world...these same cocksuckers come back now and want SYMPATHY? They want to declare the friggin business entity they avoid "burdensome fines" levied against them for all the incalculable harm they've been doing for centuries...and you ask for some goodwill because they ran after school basketball programs???

As someone said to Hitler when the pup was just starting out..."I see you are one of those in whose mind people took a shit...and forgot to flush".

They are ALL crooks...and they are MOSTLY crooked. Even the Mob, even the Nazis, even the some charity here and get more done that way.

Gimme a break.

-- nasty pumpkin
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