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Posted by Sadie from ? ( on Thursday, January 16, 2003 at 12:22PM :

In Reply to: Re: I Hate To Break You... posted by nasty pumpkin from ( on Thursday, January 16, 2003 at 0:45AM :

... completely ignorant again.

: There is evil all over the world...and there is more goodness than the church can muster, among ordinary people.

xxx Here we go... using that popular word "evil". Pretty soon you'll be labeling Catholic priests as "terrorists", too. Of course there exists a lot of "good" in the world outside of any church, temple, shrine, or mosque. However, there also exists a lot of "bad" in the world outside of those institutions, as well. Did I say that there was *less* "good" in the secular world (if one truly exists) than in the religious world? I was merely pointing out that the Catholic Church pedophilia scandals could be viewed as an indicator of societal problems that exist in every part of this world where there is a patriarchal tradition. What about child brides? Is that tradition "good" even though many of these girls are forced to have sex before they've even begun to menstruate? What about all those other little boys & girls who are molested by people outside of the Catholic Church, many by their own relatives or relatives' friends?

: Can you beat this...the oldest corporation in the world that robbed widows and orphans of millions to return a measely hand out...that tortured and burned people and raped children and young people, not to mention screwing up the minds and souls of millions upon millions, that ravaged the Native population of the know world...these same cocksuckers come back now and want SYMPATHY? They want to declare the friggin business entity they avoid "burdensome fines" levied against them for all the incalculable harm they've been doing for centuries...and you ask for some goodwill because they ran after school basketball programs???

xxx The Catholic Church is NOT the oldest corrupt power in the world. When it was in power, its clergy merely took the positions of power a corrupt aristocracy once occupied. Then those positions were stripped from them & reclaimed by another corrupt aristocracy. Now the Catholic Church has influence but not direct power. & today, there are Catholic relief groups working all over the world, e.g. providing food for Iraqis who are starving SINCE the Gulf War & in Zambia where there is a huge famine. So what if they make money in order to spend even some of it on relief work? How many other churches or other religious institutions can say the same, that they have provided the same amount of relief all over the world? Name one.

xxx Begging for sympathy isn't a Catholic tradition, either.

xxx Besides, you are forgetting that a lot of imperialism was not necessarily religiously based - most of it was based on nationalist (& racist) tendencies.

xxx You feel safe to bad-mouth the Catholic Church because it's trendy to do so. I'm challenging you to think outside of the media-box. There are a lot of "bad" entities in this world.

-- Sadie
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