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Posted by pancho from pool0116.cvx20-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Saturday, November 23, 2002 at 2:10PM :

So THAT'S what they got so pissed at Rabel for...they really do believe purple is "their" color. Just the kind of people to run a "democratic" Assyria.

I tell you, these guys are the scariest of all. They know how to talk the talk...only the way these guys say "democrataya" it sounds like a threat. They pulled an Assyrian artist's painting from public display because he used purple in an "inappropriate way"...and they felt great doing it...because they are thugs starved for their chance to exercize brute force...over SOMEBODY..."damn it"...why not an Assyrian kid...it was easy...cause the AANF looked the other way...we have to be unified you know...uniformally idiotic..."all together now...LET'S PUKE"!

You think there would be room for any dissent in a country or backroom run by Hanna...or Peter or "Ross"? You think the Whacki Rabi from Iraqi is gonna allow any pluralism? What "pluralism" means to these guys is that more than one of them would beat you over the head with rubber hoses...at the same time.

Anyway...here's a paragraph lifted from a purple prose piece at beth...where else?


The parliament of the region of Iraqi Kurdistan discussed the joint federal plan presented by the ruling parties in the region, Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and approved this plan as a proposal during its session of 7th November 2002. Considering that the Assyrian Democratic Movement - through the purple list – together with the two parties established the region’s parliament in 1992 and since the purple list won four seats out of the five seats allocated to our people with their several nomenclatures and according to the founding laws relied upon by the parliament, it is necessary to inform ADM bases, supporters and in general our people together with the friendly and allied forces, Kurdistani, Islamic and Iraqi patriots and the friends of our nation both inside and outside Iraq to be aware of the position of our movement towards this issue and its aspects.

-- pancho
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