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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Thursday, November 16 2006, 16:45:13 (CET)
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Website title: the way Khalid ibn Walid, the Sword of Islam, fought his battles against pagan Arabs first and then Persians later...the Christians he was cruel to were the defeated Christian SOLDIERS of the Byzantine Empire...who were as cruel if not more so than he was...

the Christian emperor Heraclius had all Jews who would not convert murdered. Khalid never did such a thing.

Khalid did NOT sweep down on peaceful villagers and wipe them out "because of their religion". He was a general, the best one Islam had...and his cruelties were directed against enemy soldiers. It was for this that the Caliph replaced him...not for massacreing any Christians.

One incident had him return the tax gathered in a Christian village when the Christian army threatened to retake it...Khalid was not strong enough to resist so he retreated....he gave the money back because he had not been able to protect the Christians FROM the invading Christian army...the villagers begged him not to go....later and with reinforcements, Khalid came back and chased the Christian army out...and accepted the tax money from the grateful villagers. many many instances are on record of Christians asking to be ruled by Muslims...because they were safer, paid less taxes and had religious freedom under them...NOT under the Christians....who were killing every Christian who did not conform to official Christianity...

The Byzantines would have killed Beth-Shlimoon had they been able to find him, for being a heretic...whereas the Muslims didn't care WHAT kind of Christ people believed in. These silly sects have survived all these centuries...if anyone had seriously wanted to wipe them out it would have been a simple matter..the Christian men were not allowed to join the Muslim army...they had no real exprience of war or knowledge of weapons...they were farmers and peasants and would not have been able to defend themselves against Muslims armies credited with the most amazing military success of any army anywhere in only 100 years Islam had defeated both the Byzantine armies and the Persian...taken Egypt, Syria etc and gone all the way across north Africa, into Spain and almost, by a cat's whisker, defeated the French...a military machine THAT successful could have wiped out every single Christian villager and priest if it had wanted to...instead Christians and Jews enjoyed more freedom under Islam than they did under Rome or Byzantium. These are facts...not opinions.

The two examples of the "cruelties of Islam" that have been presented both have to do with wartime....and in wars EVERYONE is cruel...look at the Americans in Iraq today. America starved to death over 600,000 Iraqi children under the age of five....everyone knows this to be ONE similar incident where any Muslim nation has done such a thing?

Why has not the Christian Bush recalled any of the commanders in Iraq responsible for Abu Ghraib? Why aren't the architects of the Sanctions been brought to trial? When did Islam target five year-olds?


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