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Jonah And His Whale of a Tale
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Monday, December 17 2007, 0:02:11 (CET)
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You gotta hand to our nationalists; they’re clever and mildly entertaining but hardly deep or convincing. As Dr Joseph points out; every time they read of a reference, in ancient history, to Assyrians or the Ninevites, in this case, they believe it’s proof that the people so referred to are direct and lineal descendants of the ancient Assyrians thereby proving they, who make the same references or celebrate the same festivals, must also be Assyrians, related by common ritual and custom to their ancient forebears.

Their celebration of the Rogation of the Ninevites falls under this same, deceptive, heading. This annual commemoration of Jonah’s message of yahwe’s forgiveness through repentance to the deeply flawed Ninevites, since it was celebrated from ancient days, in Assyria, by Jew and Christian alike…becomes proof that the Christians celebrating this religious festivals must have been Assyrians “remembering” and “affirming” their ancient ties to the same Ninevites whom Jonah lectured who, one is forced to add, were NOT Christians.

This religious festival is not, as is claimed by modern Assyrians, a commemoration by ancient, biblical, Assyrians remembering their ancestry. It is, rather, a Christian celebration common to all Christians, in varying degrees and in many places, as well as Jews. The fact that it includes “Ninevites” in the story…and that this incident originally took place in “Nineveh” and had “Ninevites” as its main subject, however damned and sinful they be, does not make those people celebrating it, in geographical Assyria, from then on Ninevites themselves.

No more than celebrating Easter makes one a fluffy rabbit.


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