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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Friday, June 3 2011, 3:53:25 (UTC)
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...when people are critical of Stalin I wonder what they think life was like under the Tzars....think about what it took for poor peasants to reach the point where they threw their bodies, because they had no weapons, against the Tzars Cossacks...what made them so desperate?

...what about the conditions under which the Russian people had to fight in WW I? No weapons, no shoes, no food....just go out there and die for a war that was really a family affair between the addled nephews and grandchildren of Victoria....King George, Kaiser Wilhelm and Tzar Alexander were all cousins and all related to the Queen of was THEIR war, their way of playing chess for real.... doubt Stalin was bad news, but the Tzars he replaced were no better, and Stalin was the beginning of changes in Russia which were long overdue in the most backward country in all of Europe. For one thing Serfdom was finally abolished, for good and everywhere...


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