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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Thursday, March 17 2011, 19:37:34 (UTC)
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Yeah I know those types that wish to be White. My father's side are darker complected while my mother's are somewhat whitish, or at least the women. Their definition of "good looking" is if someone is White. I talked to an Iranian girl on a chat and all she kept saying was how she wished to be in the US. I asked her why and she said to party, etc. I told her it wasn't all that and it's very over exaggerated. I know Persians, Kurds and Armenians are very Aryan by origin and the Farsi language is about as Aryan as one can get, but I don't see why anyone who is darker would want to be White. There was an elderly Assyrian lady who had seen me and my brother. She later saw my mom at a wedding and told her she met her kids and we were nice, etc. She was talking about my brother, who is White skinned, and she finally described who it was and she said "not the black slim one"(she was referring to me lol).


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