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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Friday, December 21 2007, 22:22:32 (CET)
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NARAM SIN wrote:
>todays christians claim that the turks killed over 700.000 assyrian christians in 1915 and 1916 but it has been a lie from the very first day. i have some information by trustworthy sources which show that the christians arfe liars. anyone interested can go to this link and read it. .

..the link didn't work, not when I tried it...would like to see what it has to say. However many were killed, it wasn't a genocide. Turks did not seek out every Christian to kill...Christians in the cities were unmolested...the problem with the border region with Russia and its Christian communities is that these villagers had joined Christian Russian Armies in slaughtering which this was the region the missionaray spies and agents entered the country and found safe haven and accomplises..and, as events proved, the Christians did indeed make war on Turkey to rob it of its oil they're still stealing those resources and killing civillians.

..a true genocide means you actively hunt down for deliberate extermination an entir "genus" or kind of people...this was never the was a preventative move to clear Christians from outlying border regions where they had served as a pretext for meddling in Turkish affairs and exacting was the same as America did to Japanese Americans who were moved away from the coastal cities and placed in camps...they weren't killed..but they lost all wealth and property and freedom and rights, both civil and human.

Turkey was beinf circles by Christian thug nations who made no secret of what they planed to do to this "sick man" of Europe...under those circumstances paranoia and overeaction was natural...look at what America is still doing to the people of Iraq in the wake of 9/11; There wasn't a single Iraqi involved and yet America got so frightened it struck out at anybody and everybody...and yet America was under no threat of wholesale invasion and Turkey was.

I always though it would be better for Turkey to admit whatever happened, and then call on Christian nations to apologive for all the murders, including real, not phoney, genocides...against Native Americans and Jews. Turn the tables on them...they have a lot more to be ashamed over than a nation that was facing a gang of the most advances industrialized nations of that day.
>these christians are good at exaggerating and changing around events to brainwash the ignorant assyrians into believing that the christians who call themselves assyrians were hated and murdered because of their christian religion or being assyrians but it had nothing to do with it.

..most definitely. Had Islam wanted to wipe out Christianity it would have been an easy matter..they had 1400 years to do it...a time when in just the first 100 years Islam chased out the Romans and conquered the Sassanian Empire...resulting in conquests greater than the Romans had achieved. They could have wiped out ever Christian in a flash...hell, all they had to do was step aside and let the Byzantine Christians do it; they would have burned them all as heretics. The Arabs SAVED our Christian assess and went on to protect us for centuries...when Christians suffered it was because of what they DID, not who they were...and everyone, including the ancient Assyrians punished rebellion.

the turkish government dont care what they called themselves or if they believed in a jewish god or not. they cared about their national security and they defended themselves against christian conspiracies and attacks just as we believers in our GOD ASHUR BLESSED BE HIS NAME and our muslim brothers are victims today of christian crimes and murders.



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