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Posted by AssyrianMuslim (Guest) - Saturday, November 24 2007, 18:05:44 (CET)
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Muncho wrote:
>pancho THE "anthrpologist, sociologist, and historian"
>You're the last person I expect to understand anything I say... Let alone agree with it...
>You're not capable of relating anything that happens at anytime to "Human Nature", and the position of those with a corrupted nature like yours who occupy a position of power and use any excuse, including religious ones, to commit their evil acts. Just like you're using religious reasons to justify your hate for those that dont think like you...
>You can knock your head on brick walls until you faint... It wont make you any different from those you're critisizing because of their belief and not because of the fact that they are ignorant and resentful just like you are...
>If a biased and corrupted idiot like you, with your beliefs of how bad "Christianity" is, was in power with enough idiots around him, what do you think would happen to Christians?

I don't know what you mean, but if you think I would kill or hurt Christians then you are dead wrong. I am not prejudice nor do I hate anyone, but I simply refuting the lies, attacks and slanders.
Too dumb to undersand as usual?
>Read what I said again (not that you will understand it... it's for other readers, just incase)
>All religions are the Same. The difference is in how people interpret it...

I agree and I already said that it is in reality one human family and one faith that is being interpreted falsely into millions of ways. I am not the one attacking Christianity or Christians, but it is the other way around. I am just defending myself, and I am not gonna do the same and lie or slander about Christians but I just point out things they have done which is far worse. remember it's not Muslims who have written over 165,000 propganda books against Islam, and not Muslims attacking Christianity. We been trying to reach out to Christians all along but their are certain top guys who benefit from keeping the good Christians from being more open minded and less hostile. Just look at this Jumblat caracter and his evident hatred.
>You have ignorant Muslims just like you have ignorant christians... You have good and bad people in every religion...
>When christians or muslims are bad, DON'T blame their religion... Blame thier ignorance...

Bravoooo, that is the whole point that I been making. Don't blame Islam for what Muslims do and that is the point I been trying to make.

>I know you have stated that all religions are based on the same concept of "God's Messengers", but, for you to imply that the Muslim religion is "truer" than others, is simply ignorance on your part...

Islam simply remained pure from the time of Muhammad(pbuh) and the Quran. As I already said Islam is not named after man, name, place or object but it simply implies "Surrender to the will of the God". That is not favortism but just simple as that. Therefore, a "Muslim" is "One who surrenders to the will of God". That is all there is to it. By submitting to God and obeying his rules to the best of one's ability, one will find real peace starting from the heart and comfort. Simple as that.
>The Quran has as much falsified, misinterpreted, and misunderstood stuff in it, as any other religious book...

I don't know what you mean by "falsefied" but yes many people do take it out of context and misinterpreted both intenionally and ignorantly, but one has to keep in mind that the Quran has no "chronical" order, and, therefore, if one can take things out of context because it sometimes skips from one subject to another. It may be talking about one incident, and suddenly the next verse that follows it is actually speaking of a totally different event, time and situation. It was just the way it was put together after it was compiled, but when one carefully reads it one will grasp the real message and understand what is going on. Furthermore, we been blessed to have to Sunnah of the Prophet(pbuh) which helps us in interpreting less detailed verses.

>Do not try to defend one religion at the expence of another... Believe what
you want and leave others alone to believe what they want...

I don't know where you got the idea that I am defending Islam on expense of Christianity, but I was simply telling the story behind certain things in life. And yes, "believe what you want and leave others alone to believe what they want" that is exactly my philosophy and the Islamic teaching. "Oh you who reject believe, I will not worship that which you worship nor will you worship that which I worship, nor will I worship that which you want me to worship nor will you worship that which I worship, to you be your way and to me be my way"(Quran 109). That is exactly the case, but when others attack, lie, slander and send their under cover agends(missionary workers) to Muslims and try to trick them, and when they run into learned Muslims they want to play innocent. We don't force, nor trick anyone into embracing Islam but we simply tell the truth, refute the lies and slanders, and teach Islam to others. If they believe and accept it, they are rightly guided and if they don't then we are not their guardians or is it our responsiblity for what way they chose. It is God who will judge in the end. As the Quran says "If God willed, he could have guided all of mankind to the straith way" but what would be the point in that if a person doesen't want to believe? It's not our duty to force people nor will God force us because he has given us "free choice" until we die and then we'll receive real justice and real judgement. Not the kind of judgement where if Goerge Bush does something he don't have to worry about showing up to fcourt, but if I fail to show up there will be a "warrant for my arrest". Real justice and real judgement comes from God who is "The Just" and the "Source of Peace" "As Salaam".

So, don't try to accuse me of things I didn't do or try to flip the table around. Neither Pancho or I attacked Christians or Christianity, but we simply point out facts(not slanders) of where and when Christians have done the things which they accused Islam of and continue doing so. Of course there are good people among all communities and that is because of that "original nature" I told you about. I hope I clarified this.


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