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Re: Can Christianity be a peaceful religion??
Posted by Ninos O (Guest) - Friday, November 10 2006, 6:15:44 (CET)
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Ashur, does not this statement from the Pope scare you??!!

"Christ is summit of history and of ecumenism, Pope says
Nov. 08 ( - Jesus Christ is the focal point in salvation history, and thus the critical point in dialogue with other faiths, Pope Benedict XVI (bio - news) said at his regular weekly public audience on November 8.
Continuing his commentaries on the apostolic Church, with a further examination of the thought of St. Paul, the Pope told a crowd of 15,000 that after his famous conversion on the road to Damascus. St. Paul set Jesus as "the apex of the history of salvation and, hence, the true point of reference in dialogue with other religions."
It is Christ, not the Law, who offers the hope of salvation, the Pope observed, following the teachings of St. Paul. And while an observant Jew can boast of his loyalty to the Law, no one can boast before the Cross of Christ. Yet St. Paul insists that Christian faith involves something more than loyalty to Christ, the Pope pointed out; the Apostle writes that we are "in Christ Jesus." The identity of the Christian believer is attributable "only on Him and to His grace." Following St. Paul, therefore, the Pope reminded his audience that we cannot allow anything to come between ourselves and Christ--"No idol must be allowed to contaminate our spiritual universe."


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