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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Friday, November 10 2006, 9:35:27 (CET)
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Ashur Beth-Shlimon wrote:
>Farid / Pancho wrote:
>" ... The Christians living in Persian Empire were not suffering ..."
>This is clearly if it shows something, it is that you are not familiar with our history under the Persian Empire period and try to portrait yourself knowing history that by itself make me sick !

...never mind how sick you us books or articles that are NOT from the church but from recognized historians that detail Christian suffering under Persians...and remember the Blacks suffered under Christian slavery...but no one would forgive Blacks calling on Libya to come "save them"...ALL PEOPLE have suffered persecution...that is NOT the argument...the discussion started by saying that there were no forced conversions and no massacres...besides Hims, you've provided nothing to the contrary...tell us HOW and WHEN and How MUCH Christians suffered under the Persians...especially if they did so in any unique way...ways in which NO Christian made another Christian suffer...remember...NO ONE has killed more Christians than Christians have.
>Farid again :
>" were the Assyrians when THEY invaded and occupied and deported people...remember?
>That is true as any other people, BUT never eliminate people, do you know? Neither were the Christians of BetNahrain ever elminated...they have been there all these years.

all the people under the Assyrian Empire enjoyed freedom of worship, language NOT like the Arab Muslims who Arabized and Islamized their subjects by all means that Ibn Khaldun said himself which support my stand.

...they did not Arabize...the language is Arabic...they no more Arabized everyone they conquered than the Europeans europeanized everyone...these are gross and childish exagerations...
>Farid once more >
>" Why are JEWS evil? what have done to anyone that is evil .. tell us ."
>A smart person as you, should never been informed, because you should know that ... these people who are you trying to defend ARE the worse enemy of the Assyrians for the following : are a sick puppy.
>- They always try to distort our history. you Christians do.

>- They helped the Q......s to achieve their goals in our homeland . the Christians did.

>- Few years back - a JEW - killed an Assyrian young man and never served his sentience in Chicago. Assyrian killed your patriarch and never served his full sentence. Bush going to serve any time for all the Christians he killed? And why do you NEVER mention the Christian children of Iraq killed by CHRISTIANS? Why is that? You are weeping over ONE Christian boy killed by a Jew...what about over 30,000 Christian children killed in Iraq by CHRISTIANS...not Jews but CHRISTIANS???

>- Our Assyrian people try to purchase a land to build a Church that they block the sale because it was for the Assyrians in Chicago.

...give us PROOF!

>- If you go around in this world you will find NONE who loves these people,

..that is bullshit...Jews have given the world YOUR JESUS...they have also given thousands of the most brilliant minds to the benefit of the people of the world..there again, it was YOUR crimes against the Jews for centuries that forced them to defend themselves in ways you DON'T LIKE! The four greatest minds of the 20th century were all Jews!

and in everywhere they live are hated YOU!

and MUHAMMAD that you defend kicked them from Arabia .

...he also got his religion from them...but they made war against him and for that he retaliated..just as Muslims retaliated against the Christians who Christians murdered millions of Christians who did not agree with THEM! Of all the world's multiple crimes you are ONLY choosing to highlight some...I want them ALL highlighted. is also true that Jews experienced their greatest prosperity and security among Muslims...that they ASKED to be saved from Christian rule...some viziers to Muslim rulers were Jews and on and are a hate filled in knowledge, who's accepted uncritically all the filth ever poured into your head.

>- And this is from their own HOLY BOOK , the BIBLE that they are EVIL INDEED:

...I thought it was YOUR holy book!

...I think YOU come closest to being "evil"...for continuing to spread these lies and distortions.
>" The Lord said,

...FUCK your lord!!! You have the nerve to call the Jews evil when it is THEIR Lord you are quoting to me???

" Earth and sky , listen to what I am saying! the Children of I brought up have rebelled against me. Cattle knows who own them, and DONKEYS know where their master feeds them. But that is more than my people ISRAEL know.... You are doomed, you sinful nation, you corrupt and EVIL people " are not a well man.


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