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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Wednesday, June 7 2006, 14:34:31 (CEST)
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Don wrote:
>"...we have this thing over here...everyone is free to discuss whatever, we are free to ignore whatever, whenever...we recognize that some people can only remain focused on one thing at a time...but like the ancient Assyrians we realize that a common thread runs through us all...and through all mind can handle several issues at isn't my fault your's cannot.
>I see the connection...if you don't."

> mind can handle several things,

...I said, "at the same time". There are connections everywhere, if you can see them. If you are the sort to betray your family because the family down the street cooks better meals, or has a paradise in their backyard, and your parents don' tells many things about you...not just one. You're complaining about ONE type of person in the kind of Christian...I'm telling you that people who BETRAY their own family religion for another are ALL plauged with a nature that condones betrayal and a seeking after things "new and better"...your soul is like water you hold in your cupped hands...if once you open your fingers, don't bother to go looking for it again.

but when there are no other subjects open or none that I have anything to add to, I focus my attention on that initial subject. do I. You are critical of one thief, in a den of thieves...I am critical of a creed which MAKES thieves.

Like I said, if I found another subject to talk about today that I thought was very important, I'd jump in it.

...and I found the topic you were discussing important enough to jump I did. What makes your jump hollier than thou?
>Your last statement leaves me intrigued. Would you care to elaborate?



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